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IPD Launches New, Innovative New ISX Steel Liner Kit (4309389STL)

IPD continues its industry reputation for innovation, not imitation with its development of a new chromoly steel cylinder liner for ISX applications. IPD’s in-house engineering team used computational FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to develop an improved ISX and ISX15 steel liner that will perform better than the original cast iron liner.

“Never has there been a stronger, more durable cylinder liner, ” Vince Barbarie, IPD’s Director of Engineering said. To prove this, IPD’s Product Development Team put a standard stock Cummins ISX engine, equipped with IPD steel liners, and intentionally plugged the piston cooling tubes to force it to seize to see what would happen. We attached the engine to a testing dynamometer and after many minutes it began smoking and eventually seized. The block held together and the cylinder liner did not crack due to the incredible strength of steel! To see this test for yourself, click the video link to watch a 3-minute video.

IPD’s engineering team discusses the benefits of steel versus traditional cast iron.

Chromoly steel offers ultimate tensile strength (UTS) that is 2 to 3 times more than the ultimate tensile strength of ductile cast iron. Additionally, chromoly steel offers increased toughness on the inside (for improved wear life) and on the outside (for improved resistance to cavitation). Click here to download the ISX Steel Liner sales sheet.

IPD’s E-Commerce Website IPDNet is taking online ordering to a new level!

Currently about 40% of IPD customer orders come through our online portal, IPDNet. We hope with the launch of our upgraded website this May, the majority of our customers will see it’s as easy to use as your favorite online store. We think our customers will love the improved navigation, clean new look and having IPD pricing available, as well as the option to provide customers an online catalog without pricing too. 


New IPD Products – Connecting Rod C15/C18 2243245

IPD’s Connecting Rod is built for durability and to handle internal combustion stress for the popular C15/C18. This forced con rod is all new (no remanufactured or used parts) and comes with properly installed small end bushing and laser marked with IPD part number.

IPD Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly for C15/18 3078322

IPD’s new Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly for C15 and C18 has been upgraded to a high nickel and molybdenum case-hardened steel to create a stronger part to reduce wear and fretting. This engine component applies to power generation, marine, on-highway and industrial.

Upcoming Industry Trade Shows

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IPD will be exhibiting our latest products and have regional sales managers available to meet with at the following shows: 

Bauma Germany (Munich), Apr. 8-14, 2019 – USA Pavilion , C4.539E


Volvo D12 Piston

Are your customers having difficulty identifying which Volvo D12 piston is in their engine since the piston number isn’t always printed on the part or may be scratched off with use? We have an excellent tool to provide to your Volvo customers to assist them with identifying their piston and determining the proper IPD engine kit. 

CLICK HERE to download this easy-to-use tool, your customers will thank you! 

IPD Exhaust Manifold Service Kit

IPD’s new Exhaust Manifold Service Kit for 3406E, C15 and C15 ACERT sets a new standard in the heavy-duty industry for outstanding quality and reliable performance, a superior choice compared to other kits available in the market today. IPD’s kit Includes exhaust sleeves made from extruded seamless steel tube for superior performance (no weld seam that can crack.) Kits also include high quality stud specification with superior material and thread design.

To view the Sales Sheet, CLICK HERE.