IPD Now Offers Cryo-Treated Head Bolts for ISX and X15 engines!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering cryo-treated
head bolt kits for many of our most popular models with many
more coming. What makes cryo-treating so special? Cryogenic
heat treatment is a precisely engineered process of taking materials
down to approximately -310° F, keeping them at that temperature
in liquid nitrogen to remove residual stresses, and then ramping
temperature back to room temperature, followed by a mild heat
treatment process. IPD’s cryo-treated head bolts are designed to
ensure proper and even clamping forces across your cylinder head
and keep your engine running. Additionally, IPD offers cryo-treated head bolts for the C15, C3500 and DD15. To learn more about this innovative process or find item numbers, click here.