IPDSteel® Pistons

The pistons are the heart of the engine. IPD is taking quality to the next level of manufacturing engine pistons. We live for pistons.

IPDSteel® pistons are engineered and manufactured out of IPD’s Headquarters in Torrance, California, USA. IPD engineers high quality pistons for both old and newer models so that you have a choice when it comes to parts sourcing and cost savings. IPD also looks for opportunities to innovate, improving upon original designs when possible. IPD pistons are coated with a proprietary phosphate coating and feature a precision engineered pin bore for enhanced durability.

IPD piston styles include:
  • 2 piece friction welded (patent #9216474)
  • 1 piece (patent-pending)
  • 2 piece articulated (patent #7938093)
  • 1 piece aluminum

To find a specific piston or piston kit, visit store.ipdparts.com to access our online catalog or call 310.530.1900 to speak with our Customer Service Representatives.

2 piece friction welded
patent #9216474

1 piece
patent pending

2 piece articulated
patent #7938093

1 piece aluminum