IPD Announces New Company IDS – A Simple Way to Connect Assets With Owners, Operators, Managers and Service Channels

IDS was born from the folks at IPD who have been working with independent engine rebuilders to make
high quality engine parts for diesel and natural gas engines since 1955. We listened to our customer
base and they see plenty of services that will connect your assets to the cloud, but most are overly
complex and expensive. We formed IDS specifically to simply and intelligently connect assets with owners,
operators, managers, and service channels.

The first product that will be available in early April is TruckRx. IDS is partnering with South
Carolina-based Diesel Laptops as their technology provider to deliver the easy-to-use interface that provides a simple solution for immediate diagnostics on your smart phone or tablet.

TruckRx works with all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks. Just plug the TRX-Link device into a diagnostic port and it sends fault codes and what parts are needed to fix it. The truck driver can email fault codes and productivity reports to service providers via the TruckRx mobile app. IDS has a future version in the works that adds cloud connectivity to TruckRx and are developing a product offering called MachineRx that is engineered for off-highway equipment

TruckRx app will be available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Those interested in learning more about IDS and their first product TruckRx can visit www.idsrx.com or email [email protected]