IPD’s E-Commerce Website IPDNet is taking online ordering to a new level!

Currently about 40% of IPD customer orders come through our online portal, IPDNet. We hope with the launch of our upgraded website this May, the majority of our customers will see it’s as easy to use as your favorite online store. We think our customers will love the improved navigation, clean new look and having IPD pricing available, as well as the option to provide customers an online catalog without pricing too. 

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Pricing and Availability – Registered users can easily search by application to find part availability and pricing. 
  • Online Parts Catalog – When you log on you can find the item name, code, multiple zooming photos, available quantities, specifications and user notes
  • General Product Browsing – If you want to share the IPD catalog with your customers without pricing, guests can still access the parts catalog 

Easy One-Click Reordering – Search your invoice history and with order the same items