Got Steel?

IPD Launches New, Innovative New ISX Steel Liner Kit (4309389STL)

IPD continues its industry reputation for innovation, not imitation with its development of a new chromoly steel cylinder liner for ISX applications. IPD’s in-house engineering team used computational FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to develop an improved ISX and ISX15 steel liner that will perform better than the original cast iron liner.

“Never has there been a stronger, more durable cylinder liner, ” Vince Barbarie, IPD’s Director of Engineering said. To prove this, IPD’s Product Development Team put a standard stock Cummins ISX engine, equipped with IPD steel liners, and intentionally plugged the piston cooling tubes to force it to seize to see what would happen. We attached the engine to a testing dynamometer and after many minutes it began smoking and eventually seized. The block held together and the cylinder liner did not crack due to the incredible strength of steel! To see this test for yourself, click the video link to watch a 3-minute video.

IPD’s engineering team discusses the benefits of steel versus traditional cast iron.

Chromoly steel offers ultimate tensile strength (UTS) that is 2 to 3 times more than the ultimate tensile strength of ductile cast iron. Additionally, chromoly steel offers increased toughness on the inside (for improved wear life) and on the outside (for improved resistance to cavitation). Click here to download the ISX Steel Liner sales sheet.